The Secret to Healthy, Glowing Skin

When someone asks me, “Your skin looks great! What do you use on your face? I want to look like you!” I smile! I’m excited to share my special Celavive Products from USANA because I know the quality of the company and the results I have experienced. I know I am doing the best I can to nourish my skin and join the anti-aging movement! Friends don’t let friends keep secrets; I share my secrets with my friends! I gave them some samples to try. They tried it; they loved it; they bought it! Often a month or two later I hear from them that their friends are now asking them, “What are you doing with your skin? It looks beautiful! What are you using?” Testimonial: "A few months ago I asked my dea

Healthy Travel to Australia

Australia was one of the most uniquely, naturally beautiful places I've ever visited, with welcoming people and a lifestyle of health and balance. I came home with the resolve to return one day, having found the Land Down Under a fantastic place. The 3-week expedition to Australia with my daughter and three teenage grandchildren proved to be a trip of discoveries. This was a new travel destination, so there were many unknowns as I planned for our journey. I wanted to fully experience Australia, and I wanted to keep on my path of a healthy lifestyle while doing so. Tackling the Travel Our bodies have a lot to contend with when we travel: time change, exposure to new germs, constant eating out