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An Adventure in Stem Cells

For so many years I experienced pain in my shoulders. I had two frozen shoulders as a result of too much lifting and carrying boxes when I was going through divorce and moving my daughters and myself to rental after rental. At the time I felt totally capable of doing this, unaware of the future repercussions. I went to physical therapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers looking for a solution. Some of it helped for a time, but nothing made the pain go away.

Stem Cell Research

Along came stem cell therapy. Knowing the importance of being educated on any subject before making a decision, I watched the 9-episode documentary of "The Healing Miracle" filmed by Jeff Hays. It was fascinating to learn about this newer technology of regenerative medicine, and I spent many hours absorbing information and taking notes. I was encouraged, thinking maybe this could work for me! That's when it happened.

Sitting in my inbox was an email from Sanoviv Medical Institute where I had received my Nutrition Advisor Certificate in 2014 and a place I love going. They had a new Stem Cell Rejuvenation program starting. This was a miracle!

I called, signed up, and off I went in early July 2018.

I was picked up in San Diego for the 60-minute drive to Sanoviv in Rosarito, Mexico. Sanoviv is an Integrative Medical Facility located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean with beautiful grounds, impeccable accommodations, and all natural fabric clothing. Amazing organic meals were designed by loving chefs who care about providing the healthiest and tastiest meals. I was checked in for my program, and the adventure began!

Over seven days, I had lab testing, consultations with medical, nutrition, and psychology professionals, various therapeutic treatments, and a nutritional detox program--all in preparation for receiving stem cells. The stem cells were administered on days 4, 5, and 6 by IV. It was painless, and I felt my body had been well-prepared for a good result.

One month later as I write this story, my shoulders are pain free!

What are Stem Cells?

Dr Allen Gaveck, Director of Physician Education for Liveyon, a stem cell company in Southern California, said, “The newest technology to emerge so far is stem cells derived from the umbilical cord blood of live healthy birth babies. Now there is a young vibrant healthy product that has quality and consistent cells, and as time moves on, if we were to do this in another year, we could be talking about the next generations that are coming on. It’s just the beginning.”

How do the cells function?

According to Dr. Gaveck, when we have a damaged cell in our body, it puts off a chemical signal, like an SOS, "I’m damaged over here!" The umbilical cord stem cells are attracted to that, and they will attach themselves to a nearby blood vessel. From that site, they will then give nutritional support to the damaged cell. They will nurture it back to a healthy state. This process is called Paracrin Signaling; it’s cell to cell communication. If the majority of your cells are healthy and one becomes mildly damaged, the healthy cells will work to heal it. However, when a large amount of your cells become unhealthy, they institute a disease process and you need external help. During stem cell therapy, the umbilical cord cells see these damaged cells, react to them, and nurture them back to a healthy state.

Significant scientific advances are being made in stem cell research, which scientists believe can help with a variety of chronic or degenerative conditions.

Sanoviv was the right choice for me! I will offer my referral to you if you are interested. Please feel free to email me at with any questions, and I will happily share my experience and information!

Carolyn Humiston

Healthy Living Expert

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