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Healthy Travel to Australia

Australia was one of the most uniquely, naturally beautiful places I've ever visited, with welcoming people and a lifestyle of health and balance. I came home with the resolve to return one day, having found the Land Down Under a fantastic place.

The 3-week expedition to Australia with my daughter and three teenage grandchildren proved to be a trip of discoveries. This was a new travel destination, so there were many unknowns as I planned for our journey. I wanted to fully experience Australia, and I wanted to keep on my path of a healthy lifestyle while doing so.

Tackling the Travel

Our bodies have a lot to contend with when we travel: time change, exposure to new germs, constant eating out, and recycled air. My first concern was that just being on an airplane exposes you to EMF radiation that you can’t avoid. EMFs are ElectroMagnetic Frequencies which can produce negative impacts on the body. Thankfully, there are ways to minimize the damage from that radiation. First, I took extra immune supplements before leaving to give my body an extra boost against EMFs and the recycled air in the plane. I made sure we all had phone shields on our phones and our body shields with us to avoid the much higher exposure. (Read more about EMFs here.) This was a really good start!

Second came the question of food. Was I going to be able to find the nutritious foods I am used to eating? Airplane fare is notoriously bad, so I packed some healthy protein bars and snacks to avoid the junk food that is available for purchase. This made the flight better because we had the snacks we wanted and we got off to a good start.

Another important part of flying is to disinfect the seats and the trays. I took some disinfectant spray and cloths (I use Young Living essential oil, thieves) to clean up those nasty germs left behind from the last passenger.

Arrival in Australia!

Arriving in Australia was exciting. We were in a new place with lots to see and learn, and everyone was ready to go. It was two days before New Years Eve in Sydney, and to avoid the millions that descend into the city for the New Year’s fireworks, we got our rental car and headed north toward Lennox Head. It was a long drive, and we decided to break it up as it was already late afternoon. It was two hours to our hotel, so we hit the road. Not surprisingly, it was a mental challenge to adapt the Australian way of driving on the opposite side of the road. Adapting to this presented some stressful moments and laughs until my daughter, the driver, got the hang of it. Another interesting note was finding our way out of Sydney using Google Maps when everything seemed backwards compared to U.S. driving. OK everyone, stay calm! At last, we made it to our overnight destination and were lucky to find a place to feed all of us. The teens had burgers and my daughter and I shared a nice salad. So far my "healthy" was intact.

The next morning we continued our journey. The rest of the drive to my brother’s home in Lennox Head was long. We made a few stops to see some towns and eat, but we were on track to get to our destination before dark. The drive from Sydney is called the Pacific Highway and coming from California we were expecting to see beaches along the way. No beaches! All Forests! "Forest Highway" is what we traveled for eight hours. The scenic drive we were expecting didn't happen. That presented another important part of ‘healthy traveling’ which is attitude and patience. With hours of uncomfortable sitting in a crowded car, we all needed to be patient with the time, distance, and each other. Headphones and sleeping were both helpful solutions. At last we made it!

My brother and my niece welcomed us warmly and everyone connected! He has lived in Lennox Head for 25 years and this was my first visit. His home accommodated us nicely with room for everyone, big TVs and WiFi for all. The real adventure was beginning!

My family in Australia lives a very active lifestyle. Lennox Head is located on the coast with a 7-mile beach and they live two blocks from that beach. It is summer there, so the weather was sunny and warm, and we were happy to have another summer to experience. Stepping into their Australian summer lifestyle offered some new experiences!

Grocery shopping was the first excursion. Summer in Australia means summer fruit including mangoes, pineapples, plums, nectarines, passion fruit, and more, making it easy to keep on the health track. Fresh food was plentiful, and having the use of the kitchen made it possible for everyone to get what they needed. Food question solved! Healthy lifestyle continued!

Their lifestyle means ocean swimming, hiking, surfing, sunset picnics, beach walks, seashell gathering, lake swimming, barbecues, and gatherings together. And we did it all! My absolute favorite was swimming in Tea Tree Lake where the water is a rusty brown color from the sap of the Tea Trees that surround the lake and as healthy as water can be. It was quiet and relaxing and made the skin and hair so soft it felt like a spa treatment. This luxurious activity added to my "healthy travel intention" as the tranquility added the quiet psyche piece we all need. (Fun Fact: The tea tree, also called the melaluca or ti tree, produces an essential oil used for myriad skin treatments, is anti-fungal, and smells amazing! I recommend the oil from Young Living, found here.)

The vacation alternative to my regular gym workouts was hiking. Over the course of our 10-day stay, we hiked to the lighthouse in Byron Bay which was a major workout. We reached the most eastern point of Australia where the views were spectacular, then climbed down to a swimming hole under a waterfall--another intense workout! This one had the payoff of a relaxing float in the water until the climb back up the trail. We walked from the end of 7-Mile Beach to the highlands of Lennox Head Point just south of town.

We would end each day walking to the beach and drinking in the beautiful sunsets over Lennox Head before gathering for dinner or barbecue. All of this activity was fun and energetic and part of their lifestyle which fit perfectly into my goal of maintaining my own health while traveling.

It was a great trip filled with lots of sun, beautiful scenery, clear ocean waters, colorful sunsets, and enjoyable family time together. It was a feast for the senses. And, best of all, I stayed perfectly healthy and was able to enjoy every moment!

My Travel Tips:

-Prep for the airplane with disinfectant, healthy snacks, and EMF shields. (EMF shields are available for purchase here.)

-Eat healthy food whenever possible without missing new foodie experiences.

-Keep active with walking or any activity that offers some exercise.

-Be prepared for and ready to manage the stress and unexpected situations that inevitably occur during travel.

-Prioritize good sleep.

-Have fun and enjoy new places!


Live and love life with vitality!

Carolyn Humiston

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