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A Circle to Surround Us

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Once a year in February, I have the privilege to meet up with my community of USANA SWEET Sisters at a conference at a different hotel in a U.S. city where we all arrive to spend 3 days together. There is a full agenda from morning to evening filled with speakers, programs, workshops, and more! It is a special time for me because it renews the friendships and the community created for us by USANA Health Sciences, a company I have partnered with for my Healthy Living business.

Why does this matter?

I love this tribe of women! SWEET Retreat is one of my favorite times of all! SWEET = Successful Women Entrepreneurs Empowering Together! Laughing, learning, listening, and leaning in together makes USANA and the world a better place! When I am with these women, I feel supported, seen, and alive experiencing a real sense of sisterhood.

In our lives we experience different communities, each one getting us through different stages of our lives. Each one uniquely helps us to get through those stages. Our communities start with the families we are born into, and we move on from there to choose our own communities as we become adults.

Growing up in a large family, I had a built-in community that was always there. That meant that every day I would come home from school to six brothers and sisters and a mom and dad I could count on. It felt familiar and safe, and I felt the unity that we called "family." That was just the beginning.

As life moved on, I found that I belonged to different communities: a high school close-knit friend group, a college sorority, a married couples group, and different volunteer organizations throughout the years. I’m not sure I realized the importance of those communities until I reached an age where it began to be a choice rather than an accident.

What I found is there are moments in life when you really learn how powerful community is. These moments are forever ingrained in your mind. I had one of those moments, and it literally came out of nowhere and hit me right on top of my head. Everything stopped. I took a deep breath knowing nothing would ever be the same.

It was the day my marriage ended. Details are unnecessary, but I can tell you that that was the day I took that deep breath, and nothing was ever the same. That’s where your community of trusted friends comes in, steps up, and makes a difference in your life. They wrap their arms around you and you feel safe. They offer love and caring and they listen. They give you the thing you need most at that particular time of life. Sometimes it’s just being there for you while you cry and sometimes it’s being there to laugh with you. It’s when you can breathe.

Everyone has a situation. Whether it was a loss of a job, a friend going through a difficult situation, a divorce, an illness, the loss of a loved one… Whatever it is, you take that breath and stop, bracing yourself for whatever is to come! You are filled with emotions, and many times that emotion is fear. Fear is moving you to the next stage of life; you are changing directions!

Where is your community?

We don’t always know where we are going and what that spot is when this happens, but there is this energy. Brace yourself! Sometimes it is going to be a rough ride and sometimes it’s exciting! It’s not always defined, but this is when you find your community. This is that place of safety where you can land.

Sometimes you are the one needing help, sometimes you are the one giving it, and sometimes you are the supporter. Your role is going to change.

Through it all there is your powerful community that offers that safe place and supports you every single step of the way. There is community within each group, even a small group of friends, a mastermind, a book club, a girlfriend group, or neighborhood. For this we can be eternally grateful, for this is where we can safely land.

I keep coming back to my USANA SWEET sisters year after year because this is a community we have built together with USANA. We have a common purpose and similar goals and the importance of health for ourselves and others. We all connect with the vision of Dr.Myron Wentz, the founder of USANA Health Sciences, to make USANA the Healthiest Family on the Planet.

I am building my community of health, helping those who struggle with weight or energy or sleep or illness and those who need my help. I want to be that inspiration and solution and be a source of community. I want to give back to other people what has so generously been given to me.

That would make my life sweeter than ever!

Would you like to be part of my community? Would you like to take your healthy living a step further? Are there any health issues you need help with? I can help you reach you goals.

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