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Make Healthy A Habit Wherever You Go!

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Making healthy a habit wherever you go can happen! My two passions are health and travel, and my regular readers know that I love to explore other countries as much as I can. When you’re away from home and your usual routine, though, maintaining your good habits can be a real challenge. My goal is to take my most important healthy lifestyle practices with me wherever I go so I come home from vacation feeling great instead of exhausted and unwell. It took me some years to develop a good formula for myself, and I am delighted to share my techniques and tips with you!

The five areas to pay attention to while traveling are:






My latest adventure was a trip to Spain with one of my daughters. Spain is a magnificent country filled with history, centuries-old palaces and cathedrals, dynamic architecture and artists, beautiful countryside, friendly people, delicious food, and an ease of living. My experience brought all of this into my world, and it was an extraordinary trip. That said, when in “vacation mode” I know how easy it is to slip into overindulgence! Here is how I traveled and lived my lifestyle while experiencing new places, cultures, and the shake-up that travel brings to our regular day-to-day existence.

1. Healthy Food

Spain is known for tapas! Around every corner and in every square was a restaurant offering an assortment of tapas to choose. Tapas are small plates, sample-size portions of food that are a staple of Spanish dining. Typical practice is to order a variety of tapas and share with your friends. I was pleased to find a variety of healthy food options available most places.

In every city we found the market where locals shop, and it was here we could find what we needed for healthy snacks. The first stop, Barcelona, offered La Boqueria, a market filled with fresh foods of all kinds and anything you could imagine. Having fresh fruits and nuts for snacks gave us the opportunity to stay in our healthy zone while moving around to so many different attractions. In every city--Madrid, Malaga, and Palma--we found the local markets and enjoyed the specialties of each city.

2. Exercise

Exercise was not even a question for this trip. Walking nine to ten miles a day made those “10,000 steps a day” an easy accomplishment. With so many incredible attractions to see and cities that offer the convenience of walking, buses, and trains, getting everywhere was easy. The really great addition to walking was climbing the hundreds of spiral stairs in the cathedrals to get to the bell towers and the 360-degree views of the city. Narrow and steep, the stairs were a workout for sure, and the result at the top was a magnificent view of the city. Wherever you go, walk and look up to see things we don’t see at home! Take full advantage of being in new places and finding that each step brings something new to see!

3. Stress

Where do we find those quiet places to refresh and rest in life? Finding this was one of the special travel gifts I discovered in Spain. Traveling to as many cities as we did in the time we had could have been stressful. Could we be planning too much and too many cities? When traveling to a faraway country we want to see as much as possible while there, but making time to enjoy each event is also important. What I found was that there was a “peaceful place” found in each cathedral, church, or museum in every city. They were the draw that offered the quiet and beauty that is such an important addition to life. Besides the history that comes with each different place comes the serenity, artistic beauty, magnificence, and calm that each experience brings. Be sure to pause, breathe, and actually enjoy each of these rather than viewing landmarks as things to check off the list! There is an opportunity in these tranquil historic wonders to rest, contemplate, and restore.

4. Sleep

Moving from hotel to hotel as you change cities can be a major disrupter when it comes to sleep. Every place is different; the beds are sometimes comfortable and sometimes not. At one hotel the was a mosquito in the room which fed on me. Needless to say my sleep was not the best that night, but I recovered and caught up the next night. My Pure Rest supplement is my salvation for wherever I am! It is my standard for achieving deep sleep, which is what we all need for restoration. There is no way when traveling to guarantee that beds will be comfortable or other environmental factors will be beneficial for sleep, so prepare for disruptions and keep all your other habits intact for the balance you need!

5. Supplements

Although almost 2+ weeks of supplements take up valuable inches of space in my luggage (and let me tell you, packing for two weeks in one suitcase is a challenge!), it’s very important for me to stay in my pattern. My daily USANA supplements guarantee me that whatever the day brings, I will have the nutrients to maintain my energy, digestion, mental stamina, vitality, and overall sense of feeling good. They give me the ability to take on whatever the day brings. I can’t stress enough the importance of this daily habit when it comes to keeping up with everything and everyone on a busy trip like this! I’m not the youngest traveler, but I love it, and I am determined to be able to stay healthy enough to walk the miles so I can enjoy each new adventure and keep up with whatever the day brings!

If you can manage these five areas of health in your travel, I am sure that you will have a fantastic trip wherever you go and that your future travel will be as exciting and remarkable as the last! If you have a trip coming up and would like advice on a supplement regimen or sleep aids, reach out at

Travel safely!


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