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Reset Your 2020!

Hello, friends!

It’s the beginning of a new year and time to create your Dreams and Goals for 2020! My focus continues to be helping others find their best, healthy self. Let me ask you...

Have you missed your regular exercise during the holiday?

Have you been eating things you don’t normally eat?

Have you added a few unwanted pounds that need to go?

I have personally gone through the USANA 5-Day Reset program five times over the years, and it truly is the perfect solution to kick-start your weight loss through an effective sugar cleanse. If you overindulged this holiday season or are ready to get a fresh start, Reset is the way to begin. It’s a program that offers real RESULTS!

Things can be different for you in 2020. Read on to learn why this program is so effective.

FIRST STEP: Addressing the Problem

“How did I let it get this bad?”

To start, it’s important to know what happens to our food when we eat. All food turns into either energy or fat. By intentionally choosing your food, you get to decide which. It's all about sugar: Low-glycemic foods turn into energy; high-glycemic foods turn into fat. It's important to educate yourself on how your body processes these foods. Every time you eat, ask, "Is this going to turn into energy, or is this going to turn into fat?"

Managing your diet is a key part of maintaining your health. When paired with moderate exercise, stress management, good sleep, and supplements, your overall health will improve.

Conquering the Four Things Making You Fat & Keeping You Fat!

(Information from Dr. Ladd McNamar)


Food preservatives are used in processed food to extend shelf life, and they can make food difficult to digest. If the foods you eat are difficult to digest, you will experience reduced energy production that affects the entire body. This can cause gas, bloating, heartburn, slow metabolism, fatigue, sluggishness, and brain fog.


Eat less processed foods and take digestive enzymes to help your body. Digestive enzymes break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. They also reduce gastric and bowel symptoms and help convert food into energy instead of fat. There is an increased need for digestive enzymes with increase in age, stress, and/or weight. USANA Nutrimeal Shakes are a perfectly balanced meal replacement option free of preservatives, and USANA also offers excellent Digestive Enzymes.


Bacteria in the intestines (Microbiome) breaks down undigested food (carbohydrates), plays a role in absorption of vitamins B & K, assists in processing bile and steroids, supports the immune system, affects the brain neurotransmitters of thinking and mood, and affects hormones that help direct fat metabolism absorption.

We can destroy this good gut bacteria by eating foods full of sugars, chemicals, additives, and artificial sweeteners. Other factors can also damage good gut bacteria, like antibiotics, overly spicy foods, alcohol, and stress. Some of the signs of poor gut bacteria are nausea and/or vomiting, diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramping, constipation, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, food sensitivities, fatigue after meals, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and difficulty losing excess body fat.


Probiotics! When you take probiotics, they re-establish the good bacteria in the bowel. Here they multiply, creating an environment for the good bacteria already there and pushing out the bad bacteria. USANA Probiotics support bowel health, healthy digestion, immune system, brain, and mood. This good bacteria also supports the conversion of food into energy, not fat. (Some excellent probiotics are included in the 5-Day RESET Kit or can be purchased separately from USANA.)


When we take in too many calories in a short amount of time, the body can’t convert them to energy, so it stores them as fat. This can occur when you eat too much, or by eating high-glycemic foods (sugar & starch) and too many carbohydrates. High-glycemic foods spike blood sugar levels, causing hypoglycemia and potentially can cause insulin resistance and type II Diabetes. Your body is creating fat, not energy. Without this necessary energy, you will experience a decline in your overall health.


A healthy, low-glycemic diet and eating in moderation are necessary in your journey back to health. Stay away from high-glycemic foods: pie, cake, potatoes, pancakes, Ice cream, sugary cereal, candy, chips, etc. You even have to read the nutrition information on many “healthy snack bars" as they often are not healthy at all! These are the foods that spike your blood sugar and turn to fat. Instead, eating the proper foods gives you healthy cellular metabolism, creating energy. Take the time to do some research on the Glycemic Index; it rates foods from 0-100 (Low = less than 45, High = above 70) so you can know what you are putting into your body.

Focus most of your meals on low glycemic foods which help you keep your blood sugar even. Too high causes inflammation, too low can bring on the cravings. Low carbohydrate, high fiber foods, in particular, make you feel full longer.

This is the foundation of the USANA RESET Program. It helps reduce the amount of calories eaten by focusing on a low-glycemic diet. You will experience reduced cravings, and you will eat fewer calories because you are not hungry! This paired with the increase in metabolism will combat weight gain and make you feel better.

Through nutrition, you can kick the carbohydrate cravings and change your metabolism!


There are a few causes of slow metabolism. If you feel you are suffering from a reduced metabolism, it could be because you aren’t exercising enough, you have a thyroid problem, or you have poor nutrition.


You guessed it! The answer is: healthy diet and regular, moderate exercise! To help with the nutrition portion, Quality Nutritional Supplements can give your body the boost it needs. If diet and exercise changes do not seem to be helping, I would recommend talking to your doctor about potential thyroid or other issues.



It's simple! USANA 5-Day Reset replaces three meals a day for five days with a kit that includes USANA Nutrimeal Healthy Shakes (Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Nutrimeal Free), Vitamins and Minerals, and Probiotics. With its low-glycemic focus, these shakes will help your reset your body, getting rid of the sugar and carbohydrate cravings, so you can start fresh and form healthy habits!


Of course, you can’t change a lifestyle in just five days. If you struggle to eat a consistently healthy diet or find that you don't have the time to shop and cook, USANA has a Be Healthy 28-day program that helps keep you on track. USANA Nutrimeal is the perfect solution to follow up your 5-Day Reset and continue this low-glycemic, metabolism-boosting nutrition plan. You might not have time to go through a full cleanse or 6-month program, but you DO have time to drink a healthy shake for breakfast and take your supplements each day. These two things alone can have a huge impact on your health. With simple consistency, your body adjusts and forms a habit of healthy diet with reduced or eliminated cravings. It really is a Lifestyle Plan, not a diet.

If you want to learn more of the science behind the USANA nutrition options and the glycemic index, click on this video interview with Dr. Ladd McNamara. I’ve learned so much of my health education from this doctor, and I am part of his VIP Program. He is an expert MD with a scientific approach on how to live the healthiest life.

FREE Consultation!

If you order the USANA 5-Day Reset program, I am offering a FREE 15-minute consultation to help you get started! To schedule your consultation, please email me at I look forward to helping you take control of your health and wellness!

Live & Love Your Life with Vitality!


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