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Electromagnetic Shields: How They Work

Finally, it's all over the news.

You have a right to be concerned about radiation from your smartphone, WiFi networks, electrical wiring, the microwave, and other modern devices disrupting your health. There are more and more studies about the effects of these electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) on our health and how they may be increasing the likelihood of cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression, migraines, fatigue, low immunity, and more.

While we have yet to learn the long-term effects of EMFs on our bodies, it's important to take action now to combat the constant radiation exposure caused by our increasingly device-ridden world.

To learn more about the health impacts of electromagnetic radiation, read here.

Electromagnetic Shields: How do they work?

Modern technology is amazing. Everything is wireless. WiFi is far-reaching, and we have access on our phones to 4G and 5G so we can surf the web from nearly anywhere. These conveniences, however, come with a cost that could be affecting your health. You can’t see it, but it’s there. There is an EMF, electromagnetic frequency, being emitted from each of these modern comforts.

When you attach MobileShield to your phone, it overrides the pollution emitted by the cellphone at all frequencies. It has been designed to protect persons from destructive electronic pollution in the form of the scalar frequencies alter the body’s natural polarity and cell substructure. In effect, you have two types of frequencies: the phone’s working frequency and its pollution frequency. It is this second frequency or byproduct that interferes with the cell substructures within the brain. By protecting the polarity of cell substructures there is no harm done by the main frequency from the cellphone because the polarity of the body stays within its own polarity format.

Electrosmog (electromagnetic radiation) has two main components, 1) high frequency transmission on mobile phones this is regulated by SAR measurement, and 2) low frequency electromagnetic radiation, which is the focus of our products. The low frequency is usually in the brain wave frequency and so can be disturbing to any person who is susceptible to electromagnetic radiation.

It is recommended that you use three electromagnetic shield products to protect you from the primary sources of this radiation. Direct application of the MobileShield blocks radiation from your cell phone and smart meter (which monitors your electricity usage at home). The HomeShield has a more broad defense against EMFS for your apartment or home. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the BodyShield is a wearable shield for your personal protection, wherever you maybe. Today there are more and more electrosmog-producing devices in shops, offices, service areas, etc. Happily, BodyShield will protect you while out and about.

Stay safe. Purchase shields HERE.

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