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  • Carolyn Humiston

Keep a Healthy Immune System During COVID-19

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Hello, Friends!

Because we are still in the pandemic, I am focusing on how to strengthen the immune system quickly! COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to relax around the world, but the talk is still about masks and social distancing and there is very little conversation about strengthening the immune system.


Here I go again! I repeat myself about the importance of a healthy immune system because our bodies are our best protection. We must do our best to keep this protection strong, not only during COVID-19, but always. Everything I am sharing today I do myself. These steps will boost your immune system quickly now and for the future. 

1. NUTRITION We Are What We Eat: it’s true!  This is a time when all of the extra precautions, lots of time at home, and quarantine is stressful, and therefore it is very easy to let healthy eating go. I find that being intentional to review what is nutritious and what are my healthiest foods keeps me on track. How about you?

-EAT WHOLE FOODS like organic fruits and vegetables when possible, healthy proteins (wild caught salmon, organic grass-fed meats, chickens, and eggs) and good fats (nuts, seeds, goat cheese, virgin olive oil, coconut).

-Eliminate processed foods and sugar.

-Minimize alcohol, caffeine, and soda and drink lots of water and herbal teas.

What one change can you make to boost your immune system?

2.  DE-STRESS One of the side effects of these COVID times is a higher level of stress. It can come from the media, staying home for long periods of time, not seeing friends or family, and just generally that life does not feel normal.


-Take a leisurely bath with Epsom salts which detoxifies, relaxes, and energizes all at once.

-Take control of your thoughts and feelings; try to keep them positive for an immune boost. Stay away from fear and worry as best you can.

-Get outside as much as possible. If that means just going out into your yard, at least breathe fresh air and get some sun. I also go out to watch the sunset each night to feel the calmness it brings. Nature is one of our best healers.

-Do What You Love! Being on lock-down has created an opportunity for us to find new joys and renew old hobbies. Zoom alone has made a difference in the new way we communicate. We have changed the way we do many things, and I have heard many stories of how we have discovered new interests and put them into practice.

What new discoveries have you made during this time?

3.  MOVE AND EXERCISE Movement and exercise are some of the best ways to feel good, and again this helps boost our immune system emotionally and physically. For me, exercise has always been a non-negotiable; it’s a daily requirement that keeps me balanced, my mind clear, and my body fit.

My daily gym routine was shut down early on, so I turned to walking on the beach. Then the beach was shut down - Ugh! So I turned to my trampoline and weights at home. It was definitely harder to exercise at home, but I did the best I could. I knew how important it was to keep myself balanced.

Exercise Ideas: -Find an online fitness class! -Get some weights and band and create your own at-home workout! -Get out and walk as much as possible!

How did you change your movement and exercise routine?

4.  ADD THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS I am a huge fan of adding proper supplementation to my whole foods program.

One thing I know for sure is that the right supplements, in addition to a great diet, make all the difference to your health, immune system, and anti-aging.

The supplements that I recommend for all my clients I have personally been taking for 10+ years. The benefits I experience are that I rarely, if ever, get sick, I have endless energy, I sleep well nightly, and my skin is heal thy and glowing.  

BASIC MINIMUM RECOMMENDATONS: -USANA CELLSENTIALS (multi-vitamin) Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant work together to support the foundation for health.  Take AM + PM.

-USANA PROFLAVANOL C100 (grape seed extract + vitamin C) Take 2 per day, especially now to make our immune system even stronger. In combination with the CellSentials, Proflavanol 100 will boost your immune system quickly and effectively.

-USANA VITAMIN D is a great optimizer to consider adding, as it also helps to boost the immune system.

WHY DO I RECOMMEND USANA HEALTH SCIENCES? USANA is a 28-year-old science-based, R&D company that specializes in cellular health and cell signaling. Their premise is simple: Focus on getting the body’s cells healthy and our cells will take care of our body as they were designed to. Prevention is key, and natural is best.

USANA has never had a product recalled or a lawsuit against a product (this is unheard of in the supplement industry) and has been consistently ranked #1 by third party studies for completeness, absorption, potency, purity, and safety.


For more information or to order any of the products above, click on the links above.

If you have questions about any USANA supplements that you would like to ask me directly, please email me at at any time.

Stay healthy, safe, and positive!


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