The Bodyshield is a Polarity Protector.


The BodyShield helps to protect you from background electromagnetic radiation (EMR) created by overhead electricity wires, pylons, sub-stations, free Wi-Fi hotspot points, and other people's ceullular signals and Wi-Fi.


Polarity Balance

When our body's polarity balance is operating normally, our cells “talk” to each other freely, and there is what you would call an open ended flow of energy and inter cellular communication from one part of the body to another.


Electromagnetic pollution disturbs this polarity balance and interferes with the subtle level of cell communication. The effects on our body at the cellular level are quite deceptive, even destructive. There is less communication between each cell of our body, which causes a shift in our polarity balance and weakens our response mechanisms, forcing the body to compensate.


What is it and why do we need it?

The BodyShield is a microcrystal device that counters energy fields of certain wavelengths used by mobile phones, computers etc. The BodyShield establishes opposing fields, and in unison with the body’s bio-system, reducing harmful radiation by up to 90%. Harmful radiation causes the human body to compensate by losing energy. The body’s energy loss can be as high as 50% without BodyShield protection.


This energy loss caused by electromagnetic pollution affects everyone in one way or another. Many of the symptoms are similar to normal illnesses. We feel low, angry, stressed, depressed, worried, dizzy etc, and find it increasingly difficult to differentiate symptoms of a “real” illness from electrically sensitised symptoms.


The microcrystal BODYSHIELD device can be viewed also as a scalar electromagnetic generator, designed to correct or smooth the adverse effects caused by electromagnetic radiation fields on the human body.


BodyShield EMF Protector