ComputerShield Radiation Protection

Protect Yourself From The Harmful Effects Of Wi-Fi Radiation


Computers, routers and now Smart Meters are an integral part of our lives nowadays.

Many of us are exposed to these all day at work and then spend our leisure time surfing the internet at home.

This can add up to ten or more hours a day during which we are subjected to on-going, sustained radiation.

Increasingly, we have several family PCs at home, not to mention the odd office laptop!

Radiation from computers and laptops, routers and Smart Merters cannot be seen, heard or smelled so what we can do to mitigate our everyday exposure?

But we need our computers so what is the answer?  The answer is The ComputerShield,  a small device that is attached to your computer or laptop monitor. This will also work on the router and Smart Meter to protect you against the harmful biological effects of radiation.

The Computer EMF Shield

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