Protect Your Home From The Harmful Effects Of Radiation Smog

The HomeShield

The next generation of unique micro-crystal scalar technology.

Designed to neutralize the effects of low frequency Electro-Magnetic radiation in the house or apartment generally caused by electrical wiring, appliances and outside sources such as pylons, cell towers and the like. HomeShield will also compensate for any Geopathic anomaly in the home.

HOMESHIELD helps in maintaining the polarity and equilibrium of the body’s cells benefiting everyone in the home with:

  • Reduced fatigue – allowing for restful nights
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved mental and emotional vitality

Safe for all the family.
Interference free.
Easily fitted to most devices.No wires or batteries needed.

How does HOMESHIELD work?

The HomeShield provides cellular protection based on special micro-crystal, which are triggered by energy waves of certain frequencies. The device forms a protective force-field to neutralize the low frequency EMF in and around your home.


Attach to a fuse box, breaker box or main switch box in the house or apartment.

HomeShield Radiation Protection