Protect Yourself From The Harmful Effects Of Cell Phone Radiation.


For use with the iPhone and Smartphones

Designed especially for the new generation of iPhones and Smartphones, the new ‘Flat’ Phoneshield neutralizes the effects of Electro-Magnetic Radiation.

Cell phones emit extra low frequency EMF pulsed radio waves which have an intrusive nature because they coincide with the same range of frequencies used by the human brain and can cause:

·         Drowsiness

·         Sleep disorders

·         Tiredness, fatigue and muscle weakness

·         Reduced concentration and memory loss

·         Headaches, nausea and disturbed vision

There is now significant evidence that the interference caused by EMF pulsed radio waves has a harmful effect on the biological system by causing oxidative neuronal damage. This can destroy the body’s natural immune system and over the long term lead to severe illness.

This device has been scientifically designed to alleviate the harmful effects of EMR  using specific micro crystals technology.

To Use:   Remove battery cover and place or remove the backing and stick the Shield on the battery (brown side down), then replace cover.  For the iPhone place in between the phone and the cover with the silver side facing the phone.

Can also be stuck to the phone by removing the backing tape.



The Mobile Phone Shield