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Listen to the voices of my happy clients!


"I can report that the CellSentials has given me focus and patience.  I can sit and do work remaining calm rather than aching to run off. I am in balance.  THAT is worth it to me."

     -Stanley Kesselman


"I am really doing so well with my SUGAR cravings problem.  I am thrilled that for the first time in my entire life that I have this urge under control. My Nutrimeal shakes rock!"
-Nan Verska


"In the past 70 years I would east sweets during the entire day. I am pleased to report my 'sugar pangs" are miraculously reduced. My tummy is flat - fewer bulges & probably 8 pounds less."

     -Nan Verska


"After a few short months... I started to feel more like myself.

I was able to tackle my crazy days as a teacher with more spark and vitality, which in turn, improved my mood and overall perspective of life."  -Corinna Mosher


"Your role as a personal mentor and guide helped me get control of my health again.  After working with you... I have been able to control my blood sugar levels effectively.  I was able to reduce my insulin usage significantly and, most surprisingly, I have reversed my memory loss.

I am forever grateful!"

     -Jim Alexander


"Thank you for your friendship, trust, integrity and business acumen!  You are an outstanding presenter and public speaker and I am proud you were a part of the WPICCC Wellness Fairs! Your dedication to health education is so important today!"

     -Sherry Doctor Felten


"Carolyn has a gift for explaining how the body works and the right product needed to support a healthy immune system. I began taking the Biomega fish oils and 3 years later I still take them religiously. I have never felt better and have an overall improved healthy lifestyle because of her."

     -Jasmine Garcia


"Several years ago I became seriously ill. My immune system was compromised, and I caught every cold, flu, infection that came along. Carolyn introduced me to USANA products and my energy level improved. I’ve taken them for several years now and I’m seldom sick. I contribute the stability of my immunity to good diet, regular exercise, and daily use of USANA vitamins. Carolyn is very well-informed In specific, results-driven nutritional needs."            -Babbi Anderson


"Thank you for introducing me to USANA.  You have been such an influence in my life and my health.  After the Detox and Rejuvenation Program at Sanoviv, it is clear to me how important your information has been for the last 7 years.  You have given me good health coaching and have always been diligent and helpful whenever I needed support.  My experience with you is always positive! I love that I feel so healthy!"

                          -Nina Kay

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